This script will present a user with a dialog box which allows them to type in their tags. The tags can be separated by commas or colons and then can be passed through to another subroutine to make an item list out of the typed text. With a list like this, you can then use […]

on evernote_Tag_Dialog()
    set default_Tag to "${Default Tag Name:The Tag}"
    set dialog_Title to "${The Title Of This Dialog Box:The Title}"
    set EVnotebook to ""
    display dialog "" & ¬
        "Enter Your Tags (Separated by Colons or Commas)" with title dialog_Title default answer default_Tag buttons {"Create in Default Notebook", "Select Notebook from List", "Cancel"} default button "Create in Default Notebook" cancel button ¬
        "Cancel" with icon path to resource "Evernote.icns" in bundle (path to application "Evernote")
    set dialogresult to the result
    set userInput to text returned of dialogresult
    set ButtonSel to button returned of dialogresult
    set theDelims to {":", ","}
    set EVTag to my Tag_List(userInput, theDelims)
end evernote_Tag_Dialog