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Ed Champion picks up where Dolemite left off.

Edward Champion wrote an excellent tribute entitled RIP Rudy Ray Moore earlier this week.

A brief excerpt:

“The world is a lesser place without Rudy Ray Moore. His passing reminds us that we have a duty to push harder and crazier in these stagnant times, and to realize that the craziest artists may be unexpectedly entertaining people just as hard as they are provoking them.”

The same could be said of Ed himself.

His blog Edward Champion’s Return of the Reluctant is regular reading for me. Ed also produces a podcast called The Bat Segundo Show where he interviews artists of all stripes. Ed’s interests and interviews are provocative and engaging — and pretty much everything he puts out will make you smarter, your teeth whiter, and will generally be well worth your time.

Check him out — starting with this recent interview with Charlie Kaufman.