“Purple Rain” Booster: Lowers iTunes Ranking By One Star For Every Other Album


I saw a tweet that made me laugh: “I’ve run out of stars to rate “Purple Rain” in iTunes. Need to write an applescript that will lower all other albums by one star.” I couldn’t agree more with @sugarfreejones, so here’s that script! It will lower every non-”Purple Rain” album in your current view/window/playlist by […]

The Code

tell application "iTunes"
    set currentList to view of front window
    set rating_change to 20
    repeat with curTrack in (get every track of currentList)
        if rating of curTrack is greater than rating_change then
            if album of curTrack does not contain "Purple Rain" then
                set rating of curTrack to (rating of curTrack) - rating_change
            end if
        end if
    end repeat
end tell
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