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aTV Update Gives AppleTV FTP and USB Drive Support

aTV Update Gives AppleTV FTP and USB Drive Support

There will be an in-depth review of the Apple TV device (in both it’s non-hacked and hacked incarnations) on Veritrope in the near future….as soon as I can stop playing with the iPod Remote! đŸ˜‰

aTV Flash – Ver. 3.2 – Apple Core, LLC

I think this article explains the phenomenon pretty well and also gives some great tips to avoid infection: Rogue Software Lies – Hang Onto Your Money!

Viruses posing as antivirus programs are becoming more common. In my freelance IT work, I am encountering more and more people duped by these scams. It used to be that any reasonably aware person could spot this stuff at a distance, but fraudsters are combining more convincing “Virus Alerts” with some good-old-fashioned Social Engineering — and ensnaring more victims all the time.

Be careful out there, people!


HTC Touch Diamond announced — gives WinMobile Users something to brag about

HTC Touch Diamond all gussied up and official – Engadget

I fully expect the new TouchFLO interface to be extracted and cooked into homebrew ROMs within 10 seconds of the review units being sent out….if the current hardware can handle the Accelerated 3D effects, that is!