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Reader JanieAngus asked if I could expand the Apple Mail-Evernote AppleScript to get list of docs in each notebook. She wrote:
I want a list of what's in my notebooks by title. One notebook is legal. Need to give that list to someone. Don't know how. Another notebook for research. SO voluminous -- don't know what's there. Want list by my side as I write. (Cuz other stuff in DevonTHINK)
Well, Janie -- I hacked up the Mail Script for you and I think it'll do what you want! When you run it, you'll see a list of notebooks to choose from (à la the Original Script). Select the notebook you want to see the list for and a window will open containing the titles of all the notes within that notebook. But that doesn't really help you give that list to anyone else, does it? So I added in a new section to the script which allows you to save that list to a text file. The script saves the notebook name into the default file name and also the date/time the list was exported to the beginning of the text file itself.

Options to Install and Use

  • Just open the script and run it!;
  • FastScripts from Red Sweater will let you trigger the script from the keyboard! Here's how you set it up: Copy the script or an Alias to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Evernote. Set up your keyboard shortcut in the FastScripts Preference menu

Change Log:

  • 1.01 (August 22, 2011) BUGFIX FOR LION
  • 1.00 (May 2, 2009) INITIAL RELEASE OF SCRIPT

The Code

Evernote Note List Exporter
Version 1.01
August 22, 2011

Project Status, Latest Updates, and Comments Collected at:
Installation: Just double-click on the script!

FastScripts Installation (Optional, but recommended):
--Download and Install FastScripts from http://www.red-sweater.com/fastscripts/index.html
--Copy script or an Alias to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Evernote
--Set up your keyboard shortcut


tell application "Evernote"
    set listOfNotebooks to {} (*PREPARE TO GET EVERNOTE'S LIST OF NOTEBOOKS *)
    set EVNotebooks to every notebook
    repeat with currentNotebook in EVNotebooks
        set currentNotebookName to (the name of currentNotebook)
        copy currentNotebookName to the end of listOfNotebooks
    end repeat
    (*SORT THE LIST *)
    set Folders_sorted to my simple_sort(listOfNotebooks)
    set SelNotebook to choose from list of Folders_sorted with title "Select Evernote Notebook" with prompt ¬
        "Current Evernote Notebooks" OK button name "OK"
    set EVnotebook to item 1 of SelNotebook
    set listofNotes to {} (*PREPARE TO GET EVERNOTE'S LIST OF NOTES *)
    set allNotes to every note in notebook EVnotebook
    repeat with currentNote in allNotes
        set currentNoteName to (the title of currentNote)
        copy currentNoteName to the end of listofNotes
    end repeat
    (*SORT THE LIST *)
    set Notes_sorted to my simple_sort(listofNotes)
    set SelNote to ¬
        choose from list of Notes_sorted with title ¬
            "List of Notes" OK button name "Export List" cancel button name "Close Window" with empty selection allowed
    if (SelNote is not false) then (*EXPORT LIST OPTION *)
        -- convert list to text
        set old_delim to AppleScript's text item delimiters
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to return
        set Notes_sorted to Notes_sorted as text
        set AppleScript's text item delimiters to old_delim
        set ExportList to "Current List of Notes for " & EVnotebook & ":" & return & (current date) & return & return & Notes_sorted as Unicode text
        set fn to choose file name with prompt "Name this file" default name "Note List for Notebook Named " & EVnotebook & ¬
            ".txt" default location (path to desktop folder)
        tell application "System Events"
            set fid to open for access fn with write permission
            write ExportList to fid
            close access fid
        end tell
        set EVnotebook to item 1 of SelNotebook
    end if
end tell


on simple_sort(my_list)
    set the index_list to {}
    set the sorted_list to {}
    repeat (the number of items in my_list) times
        set the low_item to ""
        repeat with i from 1 to (number of items in my_list)
            if i is not in the index_list then
                set this_item to item i of my_list as text
                if the low_item is "" then
                    set the low_item to this_item
                    set the low_item_index to i
                else if this_item comes before the low_item then
                    set the low_item to this_item
                    set the low_item_index to i
                end if
            end if
        end repeat
        set the end of sorted_list to the low_item
        set the end of the index_list to the low_item_index
    end repeat
    return the sorted_list
end simple_sort

4 Responses to “Evernote – List of Note Titles Exporter”

  1. Ricklef February 2, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    since I have a lot of notes in my Evernote notebooks, could you please adjust the script “Evernote – List of Note Titles Exporter” to just make a list of note titles with only a special tag.

    That would be great for me – and as I think many others.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Justin Lancy February 13, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

      Think this could be a good one for a separate script… I’ll keep in mind!

  2. Stephen September 2, 2013 at 12:10 am #

    Small point, but you can speed this script up somewhat by removing the repeat block at the beginning. If someone has a really large Evernote the difference will be noticeable. You can get all notebook names more directly via:

    tell application “Evernote”
    set listOfNotebooks to name of every notebook
    end tell

  3. SC011D June 10, 2014 at 7:10 pm #


    It would be awesome if this script could be adapted to limit export to ‘reminder’ notes only and include date info in a chronological order.

    Im sure many will find this usefull if managing projects and reporting on tasks with evernote.

    Let me know your thoughts.