FileMaker Record to Evernote as Note


If you have data in FileMaker, or import it from another source, you can send record data to Evernote very quickly using this the 'Perform AppleScript' script step. We were previously emailing the note using our Evernote email address. However, AppleScript was much faster at importing at the rate of about 3 notes per second.


From FileMaker: - Create a script. - Add the Script Step 'Perform AppleScript'. - Choose 'Calculated AppleScript' and paste in the code. - Change NOTE::TITLE to your title field. - Change NOTE::NOTE to your note field. - Insert your YOURNOTEBOOKNAME. - Insert your YOURTAGNAME. You could also add fields for the NoteBook Name and Tag Name. Based on AppleScript code found here:

The Code

tell application "Evernote"
   set new_note_title to "" & Substitute ( NOTE::TITLE ; """ ; "'" ) & "" --this will be the title of your new note--  
   set notebook_name to "
YOURNOTEBOOKNAME" --the notebook where your new note will be made & which contains your template--
   set tag1 to tag "
YOURTAGNAME" --a tag to assign to your new note--
   set new_note_text to "
" & Substitute ( NOTE::NOTE ; """ ; "'" ) & ""
   --construct the note--
   set note1 to create note title new_note_title with text new_note_text notebook notebook_name
   assign tag1 to note1
end tell
--tell application "System Events" to set frontmost of process "Evernote" to true