OmniFocus Time Total


DAN BYLER, the Bay Area-based Information/Technology/Mac Guru responsible for a number of great AppleScripts, has come up with another useful one: An OmniFocus Task "Time Totaler"!

The script sums the estimated times of currently selected actions or projects. As Dan says, it's helpful when you're trying to assess whether the "big picture" of your time commitments means that it's time to adjust your overall expectations.

FYI -- This script is also available on this GitHub page.

The Code

OmniFocus Time Total
Written by Dan Byler (
Version 0.1
July 6, 2011
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Dan's Script Page on GitHub:


    This script sums the estimated times of currently selected actions or projects.

    # LICENSE #
    Copyright © 2011 Dan Byler (contact: [email protected])
    Licensed under MIT License (
    (I.e., do whatever you want with it.)


    version 0.1: Initial release


    -   Copy to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Omnifocus
    -   If desired, add to the OmniFocus toolbar using View > Customize Toolbar... within OmniFocus

    # KNOWN BUGS #
    -   None

property showAlert : true --if true, will display success/failure alerts
property useGrowl : true --if true, will use Growl for success/failure alerts
property growlAppName : "Dan's Scripts"
property allNotifications : {"General", "Error"}
property enabledNotifications : {"General", "Error"}
property iconApplication : ""

on notify(alertName, alertTitle, alertText)
    if showAlert is false then
    else if useGrowl is true then
        --check to make sure Growl is running
        tell application "System Events" to set GrowlRunning to ((application processes whose (name is equal to "GrowlHelperApp")) count)
        if GrowlRunning = 0 then
            --try to activate Growl
                do shell script "/Library/PreferencePanes/Growl.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
                do shell script "~/Library/PreferencePanes/Growl.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
            end try
            delay 0.2
            tell application "System Events" to set GrowlRunning to ((application processes whose (name is equal to "GrowlHelperApp")) count)
        end if
        if GrowlRunning ≥ 1 then
                tell application "GrowlHelperApp"
                    register as application growlAppName all notifications allNotifications default notifications allNotifications icon of application iconApplication
                    notify with name alertName title alertTitle application name growlAppName description alertText
                end tell
            end try
            set alertText to alertText & "
p.s. Don't worry—the Growl notification failed but the script was successful."

            display dialog alertText with icon 1
        end if
        display dialog alertText with icon 1
    end if
end notify

tell application "OmniFocus"
    tell front document
        tell (first document window whose index is 1)
            set theSelectedItems to selected trees of content
            set numSelectedItems to (count items of theSelectedItems)
            if numSelectedItems is 0 then
                set alertName to "Error"
                set alertTitle to "Script failure"
                set alertText to "No valid task(s) selected"
                my notify(alertName, alertTitle, alertText)
            end if

            set totalMinutes to 0
            set totalHours to 0
            set totalItems to 0
            set selectNum to numSelectedItems
            set successTot to 0
            repeat while selectNum > 0
                set selectedItem to value of item selectNum of theSelectedItems
                set theClass to class of selectedItem
                set theClassClass to class of theClass
                if theClass is in {project, task, inbox task} then
                    set estimate to estimated minutes of selectedItem
                    if estimate is not missing value then set totalMinutes to (totalMinutes + estimate)
                    set totalItems to (totalItems + 1)
                end if
                set selectNum to selectNum - 1
            end repeat
            if totalItems is 1 then
                set itemSuffix to ""
                set itemSuffix to "s"
            end if

            set alertName to "General"
            set alertTitle to "Script complete"

            set modMinutes to (totalMinutes mod 60)
            set totalHours to (totalMinutes / 60 as integer)

            set alertText to totalHours & "h " & modMinutes & "m total for " & totalItems & " item" & itemSuffix as string

        end tell
    end tell
    my notify(alertName, alertTitle, alertText)
end tell