“How Do You Like My New Hair?”: Site News

I’ve been doing some work “under the hood” here at Veritrope.com (or for our UK readers, “under the bonnet”) — the most important change being that I’ve migrated the site over to a new host! We are now coming to you from a super-duper Linode Server — and I think we’re running faster than ever!

I’ve tried to squash all of the site-related bugs, but if you do find something that isn’t working or doesn’t look right, you can take advantage of another new feature — my improved contact form — to let me know!

Veritrope — On the Road!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently over the past month or two and, thankfully, there’s a fun reason for that instead of just personal lassitude: I’ve been preparing for my wedding and honeymoon. I’m happy to say that everything went beautifully — and Lauren and I are now preparing to embark upon a very interesting trip. đŸ˜€

I’ve done a ton of research over the last few months and, in order to make all of those new things that I’ve learned pay some rent around here, Veritrope.com is going to feature a series of posts that are more “travel-related”: A massive onslaught of gear reviews, tips for using technology to plan (and finance) your trip, staying organized on the road — and more!

(And naturally, if there’s anything that you want to see covered in detail, you can use the contact form to let me know that as well.)

However before I go, there are a couple of posts and script revisions that I am going to try to finish up… so stay tuned!