I Can Help!

Donating money is the fastest way to make an impact, but each group has some specific equipment needs that you could help with. In some cases, you might even be able to serve as a “Virtual Volunteer” and share your skills and experience with people who will deeply appreciate it — all without leaving home!

Read on to find out some specifics…

I Have Money To Donate!

Fantastic! Here are some links to make a contribution!

I Have A Used Smartphone To Donate!

Like many developing countries, Laos has an abundance of cellphones — but a lack of inexpensive smartphones for staff members to use to coordinate their efforts.

Your old GSM smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) can get a new lease on life and, at the same time, help hard-working staff members coordinate and communicate with one another out in the field! Click here to find out how to donate it to the cause!

I Have Equipment To Donate!

Both Village Science and The Language Project need people and groups to donate items that are hard to come by in Laos.

Click here to look at a list of items currently needed — I will be personally carrying your donations with me to Laos in the near future!

I Know A Group Who Might Be A Good Partner!

Non-Profits like Village Science and The Language Project need all the friends they can get — especially established Academic, Corporate, or Philanthropic groups that can assist in material ways.

Click here to get in touch if you think that your organization can help out!

I Have TIme To Be A “Virtual Volunteer”!

Once we help these groups get a fast, reliable internet connection, you’ll be able to become a “Virtual Volunteer”: Someone who can help by sharing their skills either behind the scenes or my directly mentoring students and staff members.

Click here to let us know how you think you can help!

I Can Help!

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