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The Answer Depends On Who You Are… And For How Long You’re Gone!

Almost as soon as I started planning our trip around the world, my pleasant day-dreams were disrupted by a recurring image: It was a vision of me lugging my laptop for weeks on end like some sort of modern-day Sisyphus.

I’m a writer, a consultant, and the sole proprietor of Veritrope.com… and I didn’t want to have to stop my work just because I was traveling for an extended period of time. In fact, being able to work while away was a key part of my travel plans — you know… the part of the plan that helped me pay for the trip.

So, I had basically resigned myself to carrying a laptop when *it* was announced.
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  1. Note to anyone looking for a new band name: I think “A Couple of Svens” is available. []

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