Evernote Tagging Dialog — Japanese Language


Japanese version of this tagging dialog box code.

The Code

on evernote_Tag_Dialog()
    set default_Tag to "${Default Tag Name:タグ}"
    set dialog_Title to "Evernote に書き出し"
    set EVnotebook to ""
    display dialog "" & ¬
        "タグを入力(コロンかコンマで区切り)" with title dialog_Title default answer default_Tag buttons {"既定のノートブック", "リストからノートブックを選択", "キャンセル"} default button "既定のノートブック" cancel button ¬
        "キャンセル" with icon path to resource "Evernote.icns" in bundle (path to application "Evernote")
    set dialogresult to the result
    set userInput to text returned of dialogresult
    set ButtonSel to button returned of dialogresult
    set theDelims to {":", ","}
    set EVTag to my Tag_List(userInput, theDelims)
end evernote_Tag_Dialog