Evernote Tagging Dialog Box With Notebook Selection (English)


This script will present a user with a dialog box which allows them to type in their tags. The tags can be separated by commas or colons and then can be passed through to another subroutine to make an item list out of the typed text. With a list like this, you can then use a "tag checker" handler to see if the tag already exists and, if it doesn't, create it. This version of code is set up to allow you to enter some tags and give you the ability to select/create notebooks within Evernote. I use this in scripts where I am importing things into Evernote and want to be able to tag and direct them on the way in. There is another variation of this code which lacks the Notebook features and is designed for "batch re-tagging" scenarios.

The Code

on evernote_Tag_Dialog()
    set default_Tag to "${Default Tag Name:The Tag}"
    set dialog_Title to "${The Title Of This Dialog Box:The Title}"
    set EVnotebook to ""
    display dialog "" & ¬
        "Enter Your Tags (Separated by Colons or Commas)" with title dialog_Title default answer default_Tag buttons {"Create in Default Notebook", "Select Notebook from List", "Cancel"} default button "Create in Default Notebook" cancel button ¬
        "Cancel" with icon path to resource "Evernote.icns" in bundle (path to application "Evernote")
    set dialogresult to the result
    set userInput to text returned of dialogresult
    set ButtonSel to button returned of dialogresult
    set theDelims to {":", ","}
    set EVTag to my Tag_List(userInput, theDelims)
end evernote_Tag_Dialog

2 Responses to “Evernote Tagging Dialog Box With Notebook Selection (English)”

  1. jim November 19, 2010 at 3:37 am #

    Is there any way for you to post your entire script including the Import to evernote as you mentioned? I am basically trying to make it so that any time I drop a file into a certain folder, it automatically gets opened in Evernote. I have a working version using a simple “Folder” workflow in automator using the “Open Finder Items” with Evernote set as the app. It works, but I need the next script/workflow that involves the tagging and notebook selection as currently I have go into Evernote to tag and select the notebook after the file is added. Ideally I’d like to hardcode the notebook within the script and just have the option to tag when I add the file into the the specific folder. I appreciate any help you could give me as I have no coding background. Thanks