DEVONthink Pro 2 — Finally Released!

After a very extended beta period, DEVONthink has finally “come out of its shell” today with the final release of its 2.0 edition. (Congratulations to Eric and the gang at DEVONtechnologies for finally getting rid of those yellow “Beta Stripes”!)

As part of their “virtual launch party”, DEVON is offering a 10% discount on the new edition for both new customers and upgraders — which I think is the least they can do for auto-playing a Rod Stewart song on the page. đŸ˜‰

Questionable music choices aside — I also noticed that Dan Byler, the author of the NetNewsWire-to-DEVONthink AppleScript, wrote a review of DEVONthink Pro on his blog which won him some swag. Nice work, Dan!

One more bit of good news — the final release seems to have fixed the problem that Beta 8 created with the Evernote-to-DEVONthink AppleScript. Anyone who had trouble with the script recently should download the new version of DEVONthink and try again!