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For all you Evernote fans, I just made a quick update to the Evernote Import Folder Action which will (hopefully) fix some tagging issues that have cropped up recently.

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When I read Melissa Dahl’s piece for New York Magazine a few days ago, I had a strong sense of recognition.

Not only do I often feel the same way as she does but, in over a decade of working as a Technologist-for-Hire, I’ve also met so many people like her who feel totally overwhelmed by their digital workspaces. When I sit down in front their computers, I find that they – almost invariably – have a web browser with dozens of tabs open. Sometimes it’s so bad that not even a single character of the title bar is able to be displayed.

“Why don’t you bookmark these pages or, you know, just come back to them from your browser history?”, I’ll ask. “I’m afraid I’ll lose track of where I was!“, they’ll say.

Now keep in mind – they’re telling me this while we’re both sitting there, watching that rainbow pinwheel spin around and hoping that it stops without the browser crashing.

I understand their anxiety: After all, they’re using Safari or Chrome as their To-Do lists, their Outlines, and their Notepads. Each open tab is a reminder of something that needs to be done: A bill to be paid, a gift that they need to buy, an article they need to read. At the pace of modern working life, it isn’t always easy to clean up the mess you’re making… and browsers crash all the time.

So – What should we do?
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A quick heads up to all you AppleScript fans: I recently pushed out some bug fixes for a few of my favorites!

A quick heads up to all you AppleScript fans. I recently pushed out some bug fixes for a few of my favorites, including:

Each script’s page has a link to the Bug Reporter form should you encounter any issues. Any other comments or thoughts should go — you guessed it — in the comment thread. You can also use the contact form to send me a private messagesend me a message on Twitter, or reach out via everyone’s new favorite social network — App.net.

As always, I appreciate your feedback!

MailTags for Apple Mail

One more note — Some users of the Apple Mail to Evernote script have asked me to put back some code which makes it work with MailTags. I removed it to reduce the complexity of the code (and, frankly, because no one told that they loved it), but if you feel the same way and want it back, please let me know!

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