HIYOW Giveaway Overtime! Unconventional Guides

I think that SEAN OGLE is a mensch.

I was just about to wrap up the Help In Your Own Way Giveaway when he wrote “Hey man, sorry I missed the Giveaway 2 weeks back – not sure how I did. Is it still going on if I tweet about it now?”

There’s been a lot going on in the world during the last couple of weeks and, like Sean, I wanted to make sure that readers of the Unconventional Guides knew about our project.

So to make sure that as many people can participate as possible, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for two more days. The Giveaway now ends at 11:59pm, Eastern Time on Thursday. There will be no further extensions… so this is your last opportunity to help out and maybe win a fantastic prize in the process!

Unconventional Guides Readers Can Help In Their Own Way!

Unconventional Guides encourage people to engage with the world on their own terms — and try to make it a better place while they do. People who want to travel, run successful businesses, and spend their time in meaningful ways should appreciate both the ideas at the core of our Giveaway… and also the prizes!

Fans of CHRIS GUILLEBEAU and these Guides can not only win one of two $100 Gift Certificates to the Unconventional Guides store, but also some other great travel-related prizes like:

How You Can Help

Take a moment to see the work that The Language Project and Village Science are doing… and then find a way to give them a boost (and thus entering yourself in our Giveaway)! Maybe you could…

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