HIYOW Giveaway: The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers

The Ultimate Tech Guide For TravelersIt’s been a week since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and, although that situation continues to develop, it’s time to press ahead and conclude the “Help In Your Own Way” Giveaway — with one final prize added to the list.


If you are a frequent traveler and love technology, you’re probably already familiar with ANIL POLAT. Anil, who studied anthropology and worked as professional computer security consultant, has joined these interests in his latest venture — traveling full-time while publishing his travel blogs, most notably the tech/travel site foXnoMad.

Taking his work at foXnoMad further, he recently published an eBook called The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers. Available directly from his website or from Amazon for your Kindle, “The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers” is a compendium of Anil’s experiences and tips for living as a “digital nomad”.

However, the book is only part of the story: For a full 6 months after purchasing his eBook, Anil provides one-on-one technical support for anything you read about inside! For the $37 price tag, that is both remarkable and pretty much an unbeatable deal for tech support!1

When I told Anil about the “Help In Your Own Way” Giveaway, he did just that — and very generously donated a few copies of the book (not to mention his time supporting it) to the prize pool!

Helping In Your Own Way

Take a few moments to read about what The Language Project and Village Science are doing… I bet that there’s something you can offer that will help! Maybe you could:


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  1. Not to mention that it takes the idea of an author standing behind his work to a whole other level!!! []
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