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Village Science

Click Here To Donate To Village ScienceVillage Science is bringing sustainable science education to students of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. They are working with students and teachers to create new science materials and texts in the Lao language and, in the longer term, to use this science education program to put small fabrication labs in rural villages.

Many groups recognize that this approach to science education has the potential to also stimulate regional economic growth. It can be a modern equivalent to Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel — an enabling technology which helps people lift their own communities out of entrenched poverty

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The Language Project

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The Language Project is building community libraries for students to read books, use the internet, practice foreign languages, and to learn about the arts, photography, and music. Unlike most projects that rely on donated used books and book overruns, the Project carefully chooses every book to be culturally appropriate and to meet specific, local needs at individual libraries. 95% of the materials that these Libraries provide would otherwise be unavailable in Laos.

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The Project’s “@ My Library” Center was featured in an article last year which used the Center to demonstrate the benefits of technology education in developing countries.

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