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New Beginnings for Old Friends

ninjaBeing in a band is a bit of an emotional tightrope walk.

Trying to make any art can be difficult. It’s hard enough to write one good song on your own — let alone to do it with a group of people, each with a different aesthetic.

And let’s face it: Most musicians tend to possess, kindly put, an independent streak and so — almost inevitably — there is a residue left by the day in/day out friction from collaborating on any body of work.  If you’re lucky, that creative process is followed by rehearsing, recording, and touring.  Sprinkle on top of that whatever “personal demons” existed beforehand and you’ll see that, for all the clichés of a band being like a dysfunctional family, it’s inevitable that there is some truth to it.

Is it really any wonder that so many bands quickly lose their balance and fall off the wire?
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This could be interesting…

NIN and Janes?

NIN and Jane's?

LOOKS LIKE THE RUMORS ARE TRUE! Click Here for More Details.

From Rolling Stone — Trent Reznor Producing New Janes Addiction?:

“Over the past few days, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has been posting clues on his blog alluding to a new project. The photos, posted under the title ‘a look at something else that’s going on,’ have obsessive fans frantically attempting to unravel the puzzle. (Some superfan went as far as to look at the iPhone coordinates pictured on one image and pinpoint the location of a studio.)

The first picture was a photo of Reznor, producer Alan Moulder and NIN veteran-programmer Atticus Ross, leaning over a mixing console. Next came a picture of Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery working on a lap top, then Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, and today we’re treated to a picture of Reznor in the studio with Dave Navarro, guitarist for Jane’s Addiction.”