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Steve Robinson is the design guru behind the new Electro-Harmonix website. Wired.com article and fulsome praise inside!

Wired.com just wrote a very flattering profile about the redesign of the Electro-Harmonix website:

Guitar Pedal Manufacturer Goes All Web 2.0 | Listening Post from Wired.com

For those of you who aren’t guitar pedal junkies like I am, EH makes some of the most enjoyable effects for a musician to play with! The new website is the brainchild of a number of talented people, but I want to single out one in particular… my buddy Steve!

Steve Robinson is the design guru behind EH’s new concept and you’ve probably also seen his work other places around the web like MTV or Rhapsody/Urge. When Veritrope.com needed a logo and some aesthetic help, I didn’t mess around… I called Steve. A successful visual artist as well as an in-demand consultant, Steve is a guy that I’m happy to call a friend…and ever happier to see get some recognition for his talent and hard work.

Don’t you just love it when the good people get noticed? đŸ˜‰