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For all you Evernote fans, I just made a quick update to the Evernote Import Folder Action which will (hopefully) fix some tagging issues that have cropped up recently.

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Accessibility is often treated as an afterthought when making apps and websites.

Part of the reason why, I think, is that many of us don’t really understand the design considerations we should be thinking about to open up our content to people with disabilities and the elderly. And, as Jeffrey Zeldman says, “Accessibility is like the weather: everyone talks about it, but not enough of us do anything about it.”

So I was happy to see this Kickstarter from the people at Knowbility to develop training materials for people who want to be more inclusive – and I’ve just backed it because I know I could use some help figuring out how to make my sites better in this regard.

Watch the video, chip in, and help spread the word before the end of October.

Next up in our “Newsletters I Like” parade:  Asia Tech News Review.

As Asia Editor of The Next Web, I’ve found that Jon Russell is usually ahead of most of the tech press in anticipating new trends.

Why? Bangkok-based and with a beat that encompasses more than half the world’s population (all of whom seem to be getting online at the same time), Jon is working right in the middle of one of the most vital and, crucially, demographically-young markets for new technology. Put another way: While you were still scratching your head and wondering “Wait… When did all the smartphones get so big? And why does every app I own send “stickers” now?”, he had already figured out how the needs of people in Asia would be driving product development everywhere.

Asia Tech News Review provides “an overview of news and must-read editorial from China, India, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia” every Sunday night in the USA (or Monday morning if you’re living in Asia like me).

His newsletter is, as he puts it, a labor of love. It shows. If you want to know where technology is headed, I think you should be reading it regularly.

(Noodles provided courtesy of Jon Russell)

This is a link post – You can visit the site mentioned by clicking the main link above (or just click here).