New Prizes Added to Mac Users Giveaway: ScanSnap Goodies!

In case you missed yesterday’s launch of the Giveaway for Mac Users, here are a few new prizes which might catch your eye…

ScanSnap S1100 Portable USB Document Scanner

First up, a ScanSnap S1100. Thanks to the kind folks at Fujitsu / ScanSnap, I’ve just added a ScanSnap S1100 to the prize pool (MSRP of this scanner is USD$200!). The S1100 is light, portable, and cloud-savvy enough to send your documents directly to services like Evernote. Speaking of Evernote — A quick reminder: If you buy any ScanSnap between now and November 1st, you’ll get a year of Evernote Premium free (and if it’s the S1100, you can get a free carrying case as well!)

And to sweeten the deal even further, the lucky winner of the scanner will also receive a copy of “The Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide” written by Brooks Duncan, the expert on all things ScanSnap who runs

The DocumentSnap “Paperless Document Organization Guide”

Now that you have an awesome scanner and a great guide to set it up, the challenge becomes: “How do I organize my documents so that I can find them when I need them?”

Wouldn’t you know that Brooks wrote an eBook about this, too? The ScanSnap winner will also receive a copy of DocumentSnap’s “Paperless Document Organization Guide”. In it, Brooks lays out his strategies for using folders, tags, and various apps to organize your scanned documents.

But why should the ScanSnap winner be the only one to receive these guides, right? I couldn’t agree more — so I’m giving away 3 more copies of each guide.

Enter Now

To enter, just go to the main Giveaway page and complete a short survey (Seriously — it’s just six questions and your contact info). You’ll also find out ways to get extra entries to boost your chances of winning!

Thanks again to ScanSnap and for generously donating these prizes… and keep your eyes open for more great additions to the prize pool in the days ahead!