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Pum Lefebure at ADFEST 2015 (Photo by Justin Lancy)

Pum Lefebure at ADFEST 2015 (Photo by Justin Lancy)

Earlier this month, I interviewed some of the design jury members for ADFEST 2015, an event which encourages–and awards–excellence in advertising across the Asia Pacific region. PUM LEFEBURE was one of my interview subjects: She and her husband Jake founded Design Army, a Washington D.C.-based creative consultancy, about 12 years ago and their clients include the Academy Awards, Adobe, GE, Disney, Bloomingdale’s, Ritz Carlton, Washington Ballet, Neenah, Smithsonian, and Lucasfilm. I felt like our conversation on good design, creative inspiration, and using your talent to develop a deeper purpose to your work would be of interest to Veritrope readers. Our transcript (slightly edited for length and clarity) is reprinted below the jump… hope you enjoy!

I wrote this piece for The Atlantic about Abbey Road Studios and what lessons from its history might still be useful to creative people today.

I’ll reprint the full version here soon but, until then, check it out at the link above.

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