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A Beautiful 20 X 30 Photograph By Award-Winning Photographer Adrian Mueller is Today’s Featured Prize!

ADRIAN MUELLER is both a good friend and an incredibly talented photographer.

He’s been recognized as one of Lürzer’s Archive’s “200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide”, named as one of PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2010, and also selected as Canon’s “Emerging Photo Pro” for 2010. William Sawalich, the Editor of Digital Photo Pro Magazine, said that “Adrian creates extraordinary images that clients not only want to publish, but also want to display on their walls.”

He’s right — and that’s why I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that, in addition to supporting The Language Project and Village Science directly, Adrian has donated a 20 x 30 inch, foamboard mounted copy of “Low Tide”, a photo from a series he shot on location in Nova Scotia.

Help In Your Own Way

Donating this beautiful photograph is only part of how Adrian embodies the Help In Your Own Way Giveaway spirit of people sharing their time and talent in a way that can help others. When his footage of a tornado in Brooklyn went viral on YouTube and was picked up by news outlets across the country, Adrian donated the money he received from the networks to Village Science. When I needed a heavy-duty case to safely transport donated equipment to Laos, I used one that Adrian gave me.

I wish every person had at least one friend as good as Adrian — and I can’t thank him enough for the contributions he’s made to these hard-working students.

What Can You Do?

Take a few moments to read about what The Language Project and Village Science are doing… maybe there’s something you can offer that can help!:

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A story of good things happening to good people.

Adrian Mueller's Assistant Ellis Celebrating This Year's PDN 30 Award

The selectees of PDN’s “30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2010” were announced today — and I was overjoyed to learn that Adrian Mueller was on this list.

“Overjoyed” isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone who knows Adrian and his work is thrilled for the guy!

Originally from Switzerland, Adrian and I met about the time he first arrived here in New York about 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen him build up both his photography business (Fabrik Studios U.S.A.) and his technical skills as a commercial photographer, year after year.

Click Here To See Images From The PDN 30 Gallery

So, if that maxim of every “overnight success” taking at least a decade is true, then it has been a fortuitous coincidence for me that I’ve been able to watch someone actually achieve it from the start.
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