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Today’s Featured Prize Is Especially Sweet!

Today’s featured prize is an especially sweet contribution! It’s an autographed copy of Everyday Raw Desserts by superstar chef and raw food entrepreneur MATTHEW KENNEY.


Kenney has been named one of America’s Best New Chefs by Food and Wine magazine, nominated for the James Beard Rising Star Chef Award, and has appeared on many television shows, including the Today Show and the Food Network. He has also been the author of several cookbooks and a founder and chef of several successful restaurants, including Matthew’s, Pure Food and Wine, and 105degrees, which was recently named one of America’s most exciting new restaurants by Forbes.

In Everyday Raw Desserts, Kenney showcases more than seventy-five recipes all-raw desserts, from puddings and pies to chocolate and ice cream. Dulce de Leche Flan, Pink Grapefruit Sorbet, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, White Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies, and Strawberry Mascarpone Tart are just some of the things Matthew will show you how to make!

Help In Your Own Way

As a busy chef and author, Matthew donating this book to the Help In Your Own Way Giveaway is a fantastic example of what I’ve been after: People sharing their skills and work in a way that can help others.

So how can you help in YOUR own way?:

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From now until March 18th, I am challenging you find creative ways to help Village Science and The Language Project — two groups assisting students in Luang Prabang, Laos…. and offering prizes to those making the greatest impact!

When meritocracy exists in this world, it is only because human beings have made sure that good works were supported — and that kind people were encouraged. No one person on their own can make the world into a decent place.

In the end, it’s up to all of us. People have to make it happen.

I am grateful to know so many interesting, talented people — and I’ve met many of them through this website! I’m now asking them — and you — to help me raise money and awareness for two very special groups in Laos.

So with the generous support and encouragement of friends and readers like you, I am announcing the “Help In Your Own Way Giveaway”!
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A story of good things happening to good people.

Adrian Mueller's Assistant Ellis Celebrating This Year's PDN 30 Award

The selectees of PDN’s “30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch in 2010” were announced today — and I was overjoyed to learn that Adrian Mueller was on this list.

“Overjoyed” isn’t an exaggeration. Anyone who knows Adrian and his work is thrilled for the guy!

Originally from Switzerland, Adrian and I met about the time he first arrived here in New York about 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve seen him build up both his photography business (Fabrik Studios U.S.A.) and his technical skills as a commercial photographer, year after year.

Click Here To See Images From The PDN 30 Gallery

So, if that maxim of every “overnight success” taking at least a decade is true, then it has been a fortuitous coincidence for me that I’ve been able to watch someone actually achieve it from the start.
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