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Create an instant, free hub for all your creative projects!

Earlier today, Fetti G (musician, producer, and ubiquitous multimedia guru and “Digital Genius”) released a free album for his fans and friends: A collection of instrumental jams and textural loops called “Humans Will Betray You” by The Live Animals .

But even in 2010, sending out a whole album’s worth of free material to your fans still isn’t as easy as it should be for artists like Fetti. Email wasn’t really built for large attachments, so many people end up using file sharing services like RapidShare or MegaUpload to host the files — and then send out links to those files via email. While I appreciate that there are companies providing free hosting, I really hate the whole “Wait 45 Seconds While You Look At These Ads Before We Let You Download The Thing You Wanted” approach to file sharing.

Personally, I think there’s a better way to go if you’re an artist — and it’s called drop.io.

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