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Deadline for Public Comments is September 15th

If you’re an American, I’ve got a fun little Sunday activity for you…

The Federal Communications Commission is making new rules affecting something called ‘Net Neutrality’. Before we get to what that actually means, here’s the important part: The FCC’s deadline to receive public opinions about these new rules is September 15th and I think that you ought to take a few moments today to do some reading about the issue.

Once you get into the details, I suspect you’ll laugh out loud at the absurdity of the current situation (that’s where the “Fun Sunday Activity” part comes in). [Read more…]

Pamela Brown on cultural and social issues like Net Neutrality.

Emission Control

My friend Pamela Brown runs a blog called Emission Control where she collects links, original articles, and publishes her own essays on a variety of current cultural and social issues. Pam is one of those people who is both fun to hang out with — and also a great sounding board when I want to compare notes about our world with someone who I know is paying attention.

Lately, the focus of much of her writing and public speaking has been about Network Neutrality (a.k.a., “Net Neutrality”).

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