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Facebook access has been slow (or times out) for many people since the weekend… What’s the story?

I’m a “Blame Time-Warner First!” kind of guy whenever I am having any trouble with the internet (with plenty of reasons for doing so). So when I started having difficulty connecting to Facebook a few days ago, I just assumed it was TWC again.

But doing a Twitter search for “Facebook Slow” revealed that it might be a bigger problem — lots of people can’t connect or are getting such slow page load times that Facebook is almost unusable!

It seems that Facebook is taking the same approach as I do in laying blame for the unusably slow response people have been getting:
Facebook slow

What’s the real story? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon! Until then, report your slow Facebook connection here — and be sure to tell them who your internet provider is.

UPDATE — Here’s something you can try that might help until the problem is fixed:
Try to connect using the secure server for Facebook by putting the letter “s” after “http” (https://facebook.com) in the address bar! It’s working for me, but occasionally throws me back to the non-secure server.