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Wrap-Up (And a hint of things to come!)

Scan the Winners List Below...

Now that I’ve contacted all the winners, it’s time to say thanks to all of you who made the Mac Users Giveaway a great success.

Your responses to the survey helped me to understand what it is that you like, want, and need from Veritrope.com — and I am taking it all to heart as I plunge head-first into a complete overhaul of this site.

Readers also shared some really useful AppleScripts, TextExpander snippets, and the like — I’ll be loading those into the library and highlighting these contributions very shortly.

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

None of this would have been possible without the people and companies who donated prizes, and I appreciate their kind support of the Mac Users Giveaway.

But moreover, I appreciate their support of Mac Users everywhere by putting these great tools into the hands of people who genuinely appreciate them! As the Giveaway progressed, I heard from readers all over the world who were excited by the prospect of winning one of these prizes — and the ones who did win were thrilled.

My great thanks to all the readers and friends on Twitter and App.net who helped me to get the word out and, of course, to each of the fine companies and generous people listed below:

One More Thing…

I’m doing one more Giveaway next week and, if you liked the prizes in this one, you should definitely check back!


The Winners

PrizeWinner Name
ScanSnap S1100 Scanner / DocumentSnap.com BundleEugene G.
PDFpen Pro by Smile SoftwareKevin C.
TextExpander by Smile SoftwareJohn O.
Alfred Powerpack by Running with Crayons LtdAbhimat G.
Marked by Brett TerpstraDaniel L.
"Paperless" by David SparksMatteo C.
"Evernote Essentials" by Brett KellyOleksandr T.
$20 iTunes Gift CertificateKaren M.
$20 iTunes Gift CertificateBen J.
$20 iTunes Gift CertificateMelina D.
$20 iTunes Gift CertificateNick P.
$20 iTunes Gift CertificateSimone G.
"The Unofficial ScanSnap Guide" by DocumentSnap.comAnthony B.
"The Unofficial ScanSnap Guide" by DocumentSnap.comMark K.
"The Unofficial ScanSnap Guide" by DocumentSnap.comMarc A.
"Paperless Document Organization Guide" by DocumentSnap.comTony H.
"Paperless Document Organization Guide" by DocumentSnap.comJustin W.
"Paperless Document Organization Guide" by DocumentSnap.comIhab H.
"Automator for Mac OS X : Visual QuickStart Guides" by Ben WaldieJason B.
"Automator for Mac OS X : Visual QuickStart Guides" by Ben WaldieLuca B.
"Automator for Mac OS X : Visual QuickStart Guides" by Ben WaldieDave D.
"Automator for Mac OS X : Visual QuickStart Guides" by Ben WaldieMichael W.
"Apple Automator with AppleScript Bible" by Thomas MyerKaren G.
"Learn AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X" by Hamish SandersonBence P.
"Apple Training Series: AppleScript 1-2-3" by Sal SoghoianJulia L.

Just added to the Mac Users Giveaway — Smile Software has provided a copy of PDFpen Pro and TextExpander for some lucky recipients!

Enter the Mac Users Giveaway between now and October 15th for a chance to receive one of many awesome prizes, including scanners, iTunes gift cards, books and eBooks, and great Mac software!

Smile Software has helped us begin the final week of the Mac Users Giveaway in style by generously donating 1 copy of PDFpen Pro (US$100) and 1 copy of TextExpander (US$35) to the prize pool! I’ve relied upon each of these programs for years and I’m thrilled to give you a chance to win your own copy.

About the Apps

In case you’re not familiar with it already, PDFpen is an app for advanced editing of PDF files. It lets you work with the text and images in a PDF, make all sorts of adjustments and annotations to the file, helps you scan and OCR new documents, and even save PDFs directly to Evernote.

But this isn’t the basic version of PDFpen that we’re giving away — it’s the PRO version! PDFpen Pro can also convert websites to multi-page PDF documents, create and edit cross-platform fillable PDF forms, and document Table of Contents.

TextExpander is… I’m not sure if the folks at Smile will appreciate this analogy, but I think of TextExpander as a sort of “gateway drug” to automating your work on a Mac. When you show it to someone for the first time, their eyes pop open after seeing huge blocks of text appear out of nowhere. When you show them how fast they can add whole paragraphs of stuff that they’re probably laboriously cutting-and-pasting into emails or documents, they’re totally hooked on the idea of automating repetitive tasks.

Both TextExpander and PDFpen are a great examples of how to design quality apps for OS X — Easy to use for people just getting started, but also featuring support of advanced scripting which, as you can imagine, warms the heart of many, many Mac people.

Win a copy of PDFpen Pro or TextExpander

All you have to do is go to the Mac Users Giveaway and fill out a short survey for a chance to win one of these great programs.

Good Luck!