Reader Question: Export from Notespark? reader Alan emails this afternoon with a question:

“I am currently using Notespark and I would like to use Evernote. Notespark exports its files to .csv format while Evernote expects to import using an .enex file. Can you steer me in the right direction to help me to export from Notespark and import to Evernote?”

Well, Alan — As you’ve already figured out, the Notespark system doesn’t exactly make this easy….. but here are a few ideas:

PDF into Evernote

If you don’t really care about editing your notes, why not just open up the CSV file in Excel/Numbers/etc. and then save the file directly into Evernote as a PDF?

To do this, print the document by pressing the Command (⌘) key and the “P” key at the same time. A “Print Dialog Box” will open up and, in the lower left corner of it, you’ll see a button that says “PDF”. Press it and you’ll see a list of applications you can send the document directly to as a PDF:

Save PDF to Evernote...and it's in there!

Email your notes into Evernote

If you need to edit the notes after adding to Evernote, you might consider using Evernote’s handy “E-mailing notes into your account” feature!

You can email text, images, and audio into Evernote using a special e-mail address created by your Evernote account. To find the address using the Evernote web client, sign into Evernote Web and click the Settings link at the top of the page to see your address. Any e-mail with compatible attachments sent to this address will become a new note in your default notebook.

Evernote Email Address

Sparknote is what I would personally characterize as a more “closed information ecosystem” — when you “share” your note with someone, it sends a link to a server-hosted copy of the note. Notespark does, however, append the text of the current contents of a note to the end of that “Share Note” invitation.

Send that invitation to your special Evernote email address and, voila, the note body is now inside Evernote! You’ll lose the metadata like the creation date and the tags for the note this way but, if this doesn’t matter to you, then it should work fine.

Use AppleScript

But what if you really need to keep that metadata? Or what if you have a ton of notes that you need to bring over?

As Alan mentioned in his email, Notespark allows you to export all your notes as a CSV file. Not very useful for importing to another note-keeping program….

However, if you aren’t averse to a little D.I.Y. tinkering, you can write an AppleScript that can do almost anything on your Mac! In fact, I’ve just written an AppleScript that can read a CSV file and create new, individual notes in Evernote while preserving the metadata.

Have fun!

One Response to “Reader Question: Export from Notespark?”

  1. laurahope December 23, 2013 at 8:00 pm #

    Can you provide an Android or PC/windows way to read the csv files and create new, individual notes in Evernote while preserving the metadata? Is there an equivalent to AppleScript?

    Thanks very much.