Trying the NetNewsWire 3.2 Beta? Transfer Your Clippings First! (UPDATED!)

The Public Beta for NetNewsWire 3.2 was released yesterday and, all over the world, NNW’s devoted users (myself included) are fervently clicking the download link — eager to test out the new syncing with Google Reader feature!

However, one downside to testing the beta affects people who use the Clippings feature. Since Google Reader doesn’t exactly provide a direct place to map a clipping folder to, NNW developer Brent Simmons has hidden away the Clipping folders until he figures out what the hell to do with them (Don’t worry — there’s a HTML backup in [home folder]/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/ExportedClippings/) UPDATE — The new 3.2B13 release turns the clippings back on (albeit un-synched).

But what if you want to export them for use outside of NNW (or as a backup to it)? Here are a couple of options…….


The new beta has native support of Instapaper which will let you save directly from the menu to your account.Screen SharingScreenSnapz001

One NNW user suggests using an AppleScript to send the clippings from version 3.1 before you upgrade — a pretty solid idea if you’re already an Instapaper user (or just want to try it out).


As a heavy Evernote user, I chose to use my NetNewsWire to Evernote Batch AppleScript to move my items over. It hasn’t been updated much since I first released it but, if you just want to dump the a bunch of Clippings into Evernote and sort them out later, this is probably the one to use!

If you want to sort through your clippings one at a time (or if you only have a few), you might consider using the NetNewsWire to Evernote Single Item AppleScript instead. When used with a keyboard shortcut, it is a fast and easy way to get items from NNW tagged and into the correct Evernote folder!

Do You Have Any Strategies For Transferring Your Clippings? Share Them In The Comments Below!