Scriptember Update: Evernote Podcast Edition

Search in Evernote

Search Highlighted Text in Evernote

During today’s Evernote Podcast, there were a couple of items mentioned which I realized might be of interest to readers here:

Search in Evernote — Updated Snow Leopard Service

The new “Simultaneous Search” function within the Chrome browser extension which was mentioned made me realize something: New readers might not know that we’ve had something similar around here for a while! While it’s not an integrated Google search, it is a very handy way to find out whether or not you’ve already got notes about something. And best of all — it works in many different applications!

Yes — I’ve updated the Snow Leopard Service which searches Evernote for highlighted text. The new version uses Evernote’s enhanced AppleScript support and is faster than ever, so be sure to check it out!

Setting Note Locations With Google Earth

One listener sent in a question asking about setting location data for more than one note and there was a quick reference to the fact that it was possible through AppleScript. Here’s the recent addition to the Code Library which lets you do that — by leveraging the free Google Earth app as a way to get the address data!

Once you’ve selected your location in Google Earth, just highlight the item in Evernote that you’d like to add location data to and run the script. The script then takes the latitude/longitude of the currently selected location in Google Earth and adds it to your notes. Pretty easy!

Have fun — and keep your eyes on the Twitter feed for more script announcements coming soon!