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Quickly build open-ended lists of information from a variety of sources without opening Evernote. Fantastic for general purpose list making!

To-do lists, packing lists, Lists of things I need to remember, Lists of things I’d like to learn. I live in lists.

I know I’m not alone. You don’t have to be Umberto Eco (or my friend Larry for that matter) to have experienced the “Vertigo of Lists” at one time or another — and so I wanted to share a really useful tool that I developed to help me manage many of my open-ended lists.

It’s called the Evernote List Builder!
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Evernote Search Service for Snow Leopard Gets An Update… and Using Google Earth to Set Location Data For Your Notes!

Search in Evernote

Search Highlighted Text in Evernote

During today’s Evernote Podcast, there were a couple of items mentioned which I realized might be of interest to readers here:

Search in Evernote — Updated Snow Leopard Service

The new “Simultaneous Search” function within the Chrome browser extension which was mentioned made me realize something: New Veritrope.com readers might not know that we’ve had something similar around here for a while! While it’s not an integrated Google search, it is a very handy way to find out whether or not you’ve already got notes about something. And best of all — it works in many different applications!

Yes — I’ve updated the Snow Leopard Service which searches Evernote for highlighted text. The new version uses Evernote’s enhanced AppleScript support and is faster than ever, so be sure to check it out!

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New Betas for Both Snow Leopard Search Services

A quick update for those not following on the Veritrope.com Twitter feed:

I’ve updated both Beta Versions of the Amazon.com Snow Leopard Search Service and the Evernote Snow Leopard Search Service to try and fix some bugs with the installer. If a previous version didn’t work for you — or if you’ve recently upgraded to Snow Leopard — give them a whirl and let me know what you think!

And as always, the Veritrope.com Snow Leopard Services Directory is frequently updated with all the latest, greatest Snow Leopard services that I can find for you…. đŸ˜€