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Veritrope’s Mac User Giveaway gives you a chance to win great Mac/ Productivity-related prizes for completing a survey and/or sharing your favorite tools.

Enter The Mac Giveaway Below!

For years, Veritrope.com has been the personal-but-public notebook of things I’m interested in, as well as a glimpse at some of the “Advanced Mac-Fu” I’ve designed on behalf of my workflow clients.1

Month after month, I’ve watched the number of Veritrope’s visitors growing. Usually at some point in every day, I find myself a bit staggered by how many people I see sharing, reading, and downloading the stuff that I’ve published here — or by who I discover reading and using my stuff. Amazing.

I’m very grateful. And I’ve also decided to take things up a notch.

The Why and the What of the Mac User Giveaway

I’m in the process of relaunching Veritrope as a place where technologists and creative professionals from all over the world can meet, learn from one another, and share their tools and inspiration. Right now, most of what you’ll find here is written for people who like to use their Macs in powerful, customized ways. That content will remain — and be expanded upon — in the new Veritrope.

In fact because I want to make sure that people continue to find excellent tools here, my first giveaway this month is aimed at all you Mac über-users. In exchange for filling out a short survey and/or sharing your own tools in the Code Library — you can win a bunch of great Mac-related prizes!

For example:

  • Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Portable USB Scanner and DocumentSnap.com Guides. Not only can you win this lightweight, cloud-savvy scanner (normally $200), but also some great guides from Brooks Duncan at DocumentSnap.com that’ll show you how to make great use of it!
  • $100 of iTunes Gift Certificates. I’m giving away five $20 gift certificates that can be used at the iTunes or Mac App Stores.
  • Mac Productivity eBooks. I’m also giving away some great eBooks by David Sparks and Brett Kelly. If you want to use your Mac to help get rid of all the paper in your life, you’ll want to own these!
  • AppleScript and Automator Guides. Ben Waldie has generously donated several copies of his guide to using Automator, and I’m also giving away my own, personal copies of a number of AppleScript programming guides (some of which you’ll find on the AppleScript Resources list). You’ll see my folded pages, coffee rings, and occasionally teardrops and notes of desperation written in the margins. I mean what I say about Veritrope being a global resource so, no matter where you live, I’ll ship these books to winners anywhere in the world!
  • Software. Do you like writing in Markdown? Brett Terpstra’s Marked is an app you won’t want to be without!

Oh — and be sure to check back here regularly, as I may have a few more surprises to throw in…2


The widget below is the entry form: Scroll past all the prizes to the tab at the bottom that says “Enter to Win” to get started.

During the giveaway period, you get 25 entries for completing a very short survey and 10 entries for each AppleScript, Automator Workflow, Alfred Extension, TextExpander snippet, and the like that you submit to the Code Library (Limit One Per Day). If you like, you can also get an extra entry for following Veritrope on Twitter, App.Net, or leaving a comment below. Note: Be sure to do it via the entry form below so you get proper credit for doing so.

Here’s the full prize list and entry form — just follow the instructions below. Good Luck!

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  1. I am now declaring that “Mac-Fu” is an actual thing. Ki-yaaa! []
  2. Cough, Cough… Hint, Hint []

Here is a list of websites, books, videos, tutorials, and tools to help you get started with Apple’s Automator and AppleScript!

I’m often asked by readers about good AppleScript resources (and Automator Resources) for people interested in learning more. Here is a list of some of the books, videos, tools, and websites that I currently use, recommend, and enjoy!-Justin

Apps and Tools

Alfred 2Alfred 2Alfred saves you time when you search for files online or on your Mac with hotkeys, keywords and file actions . Their Paid PowerPack adds-on additional AppleScript-y goodness.
PS Automator Action PackAdobe Photoshop Automator PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 35 actions for performing interacting with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC in Mac OS X!
AI Automator Action PackAdobe Illustrator Automator Action PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 20 actions for performing interacting with Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC in Mac OS X!
ID Automator Action PackInDesign Automator Action PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 20 actions for performing interacting with Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC in Mac OS X
File and Folder Automator Action PackFile and Folder Automator Action PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 21 actions for interacting with files and folders in Mac OS X!
FMP Automator Action PackFileMaker Pro Automator Action PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 18 actions for performing tasks in FileMaker Pro in OS X!
Text Automator Actions PackText Automator Actions PackThis action pack extends the power of Automator with 30 actions for performing text manipulation functions in Mac OS X!
EventScriptsEventScriptsEventScripts triggers scripts whenever monitored events occur. AppleScripts, Automator workflows, Perl scripts, shell scripts and applications can all be executed by EventScripts.
Twitter ScripterTwitter ScripterTwitter Scripter is an agent that provides simplified access to the Twitter API directly from AppleScript. With Twitter Scripter you can send Tweets and direct message, search Twitter, retrieve timelines of tweets, retweets, mentions and more.
Magic Script CreatorMagic Script CreatorMagic Script Creator lets you build custom, fully functional AppleScripts by answering a few simple questions.
FastScriptsFastScriptsOne of my favorite Mac apps of all time -- hands down! FastScripts gives you the ability to easily manage and run all your AppleScripts.

An essential tool for any scripter!
Script DebuggerThe Ultimate Script Editor. It isn't cheap but, if you're writing a lot of scripts, it's far and away the best way to do it!
AppleScriptObjC ExplorerAppleScriptObjC Explorer 2 is a script editor that takes advantage of AppleScript's ability to call Cocoa methods in OS X 10.6 and later.
ASObjC RunnerASObjC Runner.app is a free scriptable background application for running AppleScriptObjC code. Using it, you can run scripts that include AppleScriptObjC code from script menus/panels/launchers. You can also use it to include snippets of AppleScriptObjC in otherwise ‰ÛÏvanilla‰Û AppleScript scripts, and to add custom dialogs to your scripts and script applications.



Learn AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X, Third Edition (Learn Series)Probably the most current AppleScript resource available. I think it's well-written and is a fantastic resource for AppleScripters at any level.

Sal Soghoian's "AppleScript 1-2-3" on Amazon

Sal Soghoian's "AppleScript 1-2-3" on iTunes
Sal is considered "The Grand Poobah" of AppleScript and, when you read this book, you'll understand why. Eventually hired by Apple as AppleScript's Project Manager, Sal also plays a mean guitar.

Automator for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Visual QuickStart GuideDon't let the fact that "Snow Leopard" is in the title – there's still plenty of useful info inside. Ben Waldie runs Automated Workflows (see below) and has authored many articles and books about AppleScript and Automator. He is one of the foremost experts on Automation for the Mac… and a tremendously nice guy as well!

'Mac at Work' on Amazon

'Mac at Work' on iTunes Books
David Sparks covers the nuts and bolts of using your Mac at work -- and includes a chapter on how to use Automator and AppleScript!

'Apple Automator with AppleScript Bible' on Amazon

'Apple Automator with AppleScript Bible' on iTunes
Another really excellent primer on Automator.

'AppleScript (Developer Reference)' on Amazon

'AppleScript (Developer Reference)' on iTunes
A Wiley book about AppleScript… don't have this one, but gets good reviews.
'AppleScriptObjC Explored'The Fifth Edition of the definitive guide to building AppleScript-Cocoa applications in Xcode is now available, covering Mavericks and Xcode 5.

Mavericks introduces new syntax specifically for AppleScriptObjC projects, and the book and accompanying projects have been fully revised to cover this, as well as the important changes in Xcode 5.

‘AppleScript: The Missing Manual’ on Amazon

‘AppleScript: The Missing Manual’ on iTunes
Compiled by author Adam Goldstein, 'AppleScript: The Missing Manual' gives useful examples of AppleScript automation.



Up and Running with AppleScript with Scott SimpsonPart of the Lynda.com library, Up and Running with AppleScript with Scott Simpson is an hour and 45 minute tutorial for beginners. It uses a sample script to demonstrate concepts like script structure, use of conditionals, and error tracking.
Intro to AppleScript with Sal SoghoianAn intro to AppleScript from Sal Soghoian, the Automation Product Manager at Apple.
Tuts+ – Delving Deeper Into Automator in OS XShowcases some of the more advanced features of Automator.
Macheads 101 – AppleScript and AutomatorBasic Tutorial.



Mac Automation Made SimpleIn this podcast series, "Automator for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: Visual QuickStart Guide" author Ben Waldie shows you how to simplify your life and have fun doing it with tips and tricks for using AppleScript and Automator in Mac OS X.
MPU 070: Working with AutomatorApple automation guru, Ben Waldie, joins David and Katie to discuss incorporating Automator and AppleScript into your Mac workflows.



Veritrope.com Code LibraryOur own little playground to share and collaborate on AppleScript projects for a variety of apps!
macosxautomation.com This site is probably the best place to get started. It has lots of introductory tutorials and code examples for the beginning AppleScripter -- but also some great introductions to other utilities that really set the Mac apart (like Automator and Services)
The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To AppleScriptJosh Johnson wrote "The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To AppleScript" for AppStorm: Mac in 2009 -- and it's still a great primer on how to get started.
Automated WorkflowsA site run by Ben Waldie -- one of the real gurus of using AppleScript and Automator.
The MacScripter forum The mothership of all things script-related. Have a question about how to do something? The people that read and post here have your answer! (But please use the "Search" feature to make sure they haven't already answered it before....)
The Awesome Automation Guide for Mac UsersBakari Chavanu and the MakeUseOf.com crew team up to present this guide to Mac Automation.
Brati's Lover · AppleScriptLukas Reindl's repository of helpful script libraries and AppleScripts!
Stack Overflow Questions tagged 'AppleScript'

Stack Overflow Questions tagged 'Automator'
Stack Overflow is a free programming Q&A site.
AppleScript Topic on QuoraQuora is a free site which organizes people and their interests to help find, collect, and share information.
Learn To Speak AppleScriptMy own ongoing, open-ended tutorial series -- aimed more at "the mental game" of programming rather than the nuts-and-bolts of programming.


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Have you ever been reading about a book, movie, or an album and wanted to find it quickly on Amazon.com? Now it’s as easy as clicking your mouse with Snow Leopard!

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