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Trouble with Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Exchange Using An AppleScript Rule Inside of Mail? Here’s the latest information!

There was a recent post on the the Mac Rumors Forum with this AppleScript question:

“I have a rule in Mail, which moves specific emails to a specific email folder… Now I need an AppleScript to run in conjunction with the rule, which will save each email as a txt file in a folder on my desktop…. Can anyone suggest how I go about this?”

You remember that I whipped up an Export Apple Mail Messages to Text Files script just a few weeks ago that pretty much fits that description, right? So I thought that, in the process of turning it into something that Apple Mail can use, I could do a little walk-through for you guys of how to write a script like this in the first place!

Easy, right? A walk in the park.

HA! đŸ˜‰ (And how does that Robert Burns poem go again?)

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Some Items of interest for Mac Users

Some Items of interest for Mac Users: