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One common challenge to many modern workers is integrating digital workflows with good, old-fashioned piles of paper. For people like us, I think Brooks Duncan’s newsletter, ‘Paper Cuts’, is a fantastic resource that (quite literally) helps cut through the clutter and keep you appraised of the latest developments in digital paper management.

Brooks is a warm, engaging writer and his DocumentSnap blog offers timely, tightly-focused information about “paperless office” concepts. ‘Paper Cuts’ collects these on a bi-weekly basis and includes additional tips, along with some exclusive eBook content for subscribing.

I highly encourage you to check it out!

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Demystifying the Art of Making a Good File

Readers of Veritrope.com generally fall into two distinct camps: Some come here for AppleScripts or Mac-related posts, others for the less tech-oriented features.

Many of my friends are in the latter group. They’ve often told me “I started reading one of your computer posts and got a few paragraphs in… when I realized that I had no goddamn idea what you were talking about!

And so with this subtle encouragement, it occurs to me that some content that is less “nuts-and-bolts” and more “Why should I care about this nerdy stuff?” is probably in order.
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For Mac users, two of my favorite programs to help form the backbone of a “paperless life” are Evernote and DEVONthink — and these AppleScripts connect them together!

Over the years, I’ve discovered one thing that almost all of my clients have had in common: They have too much paper in their lives and they desperately want to get rid of as much of it as possible!

People are searching for a workable “Digital File Cabinet” solution. Paper, emails, items clipped from websites — these days, they all need to be in the same place when you look for them (and preferably with the same feeling of solidity that you get from sticking something in a drawer).

Going paperless certainly isn’t without its own pitfalls, but few things are more professionally satisfying to me than seeing a palpable look of relief on people’s faces as we shrink their clutter down to the size of a disk drive.

Right now for Mac users, two of my favorite programs to help tame piles of paper are Evernote and DEVONthink Pro.

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