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Demystifying the Art of Making a Good File

Readers of Veritrope.com generally fall into two distinct camps: Some come here for AppleScripts or Mac-related posts, others for the less tech-oriented features.

Many of my friends are in the latter group. They’ve often told me “I started reading one of your computer posts and got a few paragraphs in… when I realized that I had no goddamn idea what you were talking about!

And so with this subtle encouragement, it occurs to me that some content that is less “nuts-and-bolts” and more “Why should I care about this nerdy stuff?” is probably in order.
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An AppleScript that exports a copy of all the selected entries in Yojimbo and saves them into an Evernote notebook!


Want to quickly export your Yojimbo entries into Evernote? Read on!
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This script exports a copy of all the selected entries in an Evernote notebook and saves them into Yojimbo.


Want to quickly export your Evernote entries into Yojimbo? Read on! [Read more…]