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When I read Melissa Dahl’s piece for New York Magazine a few days ago, I had a strong sense of recognition.

Not only do I often feel the same way as she does but, in over a decade of working as a Technologist-for-Hire, I’ve also met so many people like her who feel totally overwhelmed by their digital workspaces. When I sit down in front their computers, I find that they – almost invariably – have a web browser with dozens of tabs open. Sometimes it’s so bad that not even a single character of the title bar is able to be displayed.

“Why don’t you bookmark these pages or, you know, just come back to them from your browser history?”, I’ll ask. “I’m afraid I’ll lose track of where I was!“, they’ll say.

Now keep in mind – they’re telling me this while we’re both sitting there, watching that rainbow pinwheel spin around and hoping that it stops without the browser crashing.

I understand their anxiety: After all, they’re using Safari or Chrome as their To-Do lists, their Outlines, and their Notepads. Each open tab is a reminder of something that needs to be done: A bill to be paid, a gift that they need to buy, an article they need to read. At the pace of modern working life, it isn’t always easy to clean up the mess you’re making… and browsers crash all the time.

So – What should we do?
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A few Alfred extensions for use with Safari, Google Chrome, and Evernote

Alfred Logo
Knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to improve your productivity on a computer – and even more so when you use them to trigger “recipes” of commonly repeated but complex tasks.

One of my favorite programs to help you use these shortcuts is Alfred (the “Powerpack Edition”, naturally). I was planning on waiting for the relaunch of Veritrope to start sharing some Alfred extensions, but it seems that I just can’t help myself!

Here are a few that I’ve recently added to some scripts in the Code Library:

Does anyone want to see more Alfred / Keyboard Maestro / Text Expander stuff around here? Let me know in the comments — or send me a note on Twitter or on App.Net.

Save Your Safari Bookmarks into Evernote with this AppleScript that Exports a List of Your Open Tabs!

Evernote user John recently posted this in the company’s Mac forum:

“I was looking for a better way to store bookmarks while I am researching something without storing the entire web page or a pdf of it. Dragging and dropping the icon from the web page URL into a note leads to a webloc file that has to be double-clicked to open, and does not work on the iPhone client. Copying and pasting the URL into a note leads to a nice link that can be single click accessed, or accessed directly in the EN client on the iPhone, which is a nice touch. I can’t see any advantage to the webloc file. Can the default behavior of the drag and drop be changed on the desktop client so that it acts like a paste of the URL? It would make much more sense than the webloc, unless I am missing something. If anyone else has ideas about how they store bookmarks while they are researching so that they can be accessed between the EN desktop and iPhone client I would love to hear it.”

How about an AppleScript to do the job?
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